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Looming Crisis

In my humble opinion, we are about to see some interesting things happen very soon. Joe Arpiao, sheriff in Arizona has just released some daming evidence that the Obama BC was a fraud. (see In addition, WND has released some info suggesting that Andrew Brietbart had some dirt on Obama before he died. (see The last time we had anything like this, suddenly the O admin killed the already dead Bin Laden. What can we expect now? Perhaps a war with Iran? What esle? I think you can use your imaginatiion here. Not only did he come up with some damming evidence on the BC but his immigration card is suspect. …developing


The White House Dance Team

Timeline. Right after O’s admin released this turkey ( the fake BC) the other fake, the Bin Laden raid took place, which had everyone bowing down to “his majesty.” Conviently, most people watched the right hand while the left hand was busy diverting their attention. The phoney BC was not mentioned again. Now, the chickens have come home to roost. ( see Probable cause is reason for looking into this further. It is legal, which means that something has to be done about it. It’s time for those wonderful people in the White House to go “dancin” again. What do you suppose Holder will come up with next?

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