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Gays and the Boy Scouts

Here is my take on gays in the Boy Scouts. What you decide to be in life is your choice. Life is about being. If you choose to be gay or lesbian or any other thing that is your choice. Your choice should be respected as a choice that you made. You should respect the choice of others who may not agree with your choice. Non-agreement does not necessarily imply anything other than non-agreement.

The Boy Scouts was developed as an organization to help to help boys grow and mature into young men with skills that they need to contribute to society. That involved many principles that they could carry with them throughout their life. As many Eagle Scouts can testify, their experience in the Scouts greatly aided their maturity and their ability to contribute to society. Sexuality was never considered an issue or something to even be discussed. That was going to be left up to the parent. In all the years I was a scout that was never brought up or considered. Now the Boy Scouts have been turned into a political football to be used by organizations that care for their own values and not the values of the Boy Scout. It shouldn’t matter what your sexual orientation is. It should only matter that you were a boy, because the Boy Scouts are for boys. To bring sexuality into the conversation, pollutes the real purpose of the Boy Scouts. It adds an element that was never meant to be. It changes them from an organization designed to help boys, to a political organization that must be constantly on guard to make sure that their politically correct. The Boy Scouts will no longer be the Boy Scouts, as W. D. Boyce envisioned in 1910. It will be something else, morphed into an organization in the name of modernization, and political correctness. “Be prepared” has taken on an entirely new meaning. It is truly sad.


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