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A Nation In Decline

For several months, I, and many of you have been pointing out the corruption, and disregard for the Constitution this administration has engaged in. We believed that our fellow Americans could also see this and correct those problems by removing this administration and putting someone else in that change things. That illusion is gone. It is clear that the majority of Americans do not care that this administration and the legislative branch shows total disregard for your rights and the foundations on which our founders created this nation. They believe that somehow “things are going to get better” under this administration, although they have seen nothing to substantiate that over the last 4 years.

These are the facts.

Nothing has changed politically.

The people failed the Benjamin Franklin test. They can no longer hold a republic.

The majority of Americans do not care about what you and I care about, and have been pointing out for the last several months. The Obama administration will see this election victory as a stamp of approval on what they have been doing and they will feel emboldened to continue. They got what they wanted. Their lust for power is complete.

Government in the United States is moving away from the foundations of this country as codified in the Constitution.

This country is moving toward socialism. The prevailing attitude is what more can government give me. The demographics support a containing presence of people from places like Mexico where they are allowed to vote and it doesn’t matter if they are citizens or not.

The people of this nation are not going to change that.

The process clearly spelled out in the Constitution about righting the wrongs no longer works.

The three branches of government is a grand idea but it no longer is effective. It does not work as originally intended and that won’t change. The people don’t care.

Ron Paul is a wonderful person and a wonderful public servant. It didn’t matter if he was pushed out of the presidential process. The people don’t care.

That means that the idea of a third party candidate like Gary Johnson doesn’t matter either. The people don’t care. What those third party candidates were espousing, , no matter how noble, did not matter.

This country is radically divided and it won’t change.

The idea that some men have the right to rule you, started with the monarchy and it now continues with the major governments of the world, to include the United States.

My life goes on. My world has changed.

I fully embrace the attitude and values codified in the Declaration of Independence. That especially includes the statement, “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends…” The long train of abuses mentioned exists today.
I no longer hold the illusions that anything will change for the good in this system of government. The greed and lust for power is breaking down this system. The fiat money system is a failure and will aide in its destruction. It will fall from within just as many great governments in the past.

I will no longer submit to the illusion that anyone has the right to rule over me because they claim it.

My property is mine. If you take it by force, no matter whom or what you are, you are a thief and you have stolen it.

I now move on. I seek like-minded people who want a better way to interact as a society. I’m looking for one where men rule themselves and are free to do what they want as long as what they do does not bring harm to their fellow men and women.

I remain a free man. I resist all forms of tyranny. I support all others who do the same. I do so by the divine spark that exists within me, The One that guides me, and is represented by the Life of Christ.


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